What Does the Kyle Rittenhouse Travesty Really Mean?

Have you ever observed or taken part in something that felt like everyone involved was just performing their already established roles toward an already established outcome? The entire Trump administration was one example of just such a prearranged fiasco.

Maybe it’s my Asperger’s or my overdeveloped sense of injustice, but the Kyle Rittenhouse trial seemed like just such a farce. From the obvious bias of the trial judge on behalf of Rittenhouse and his defense to the pudgy little bastard’s clownish charade of remorse; it all seemed like a predetermined parody.

Rittenhouse’s cringeworthy crocodile tears (above)  partying at a bar after crackhead Mike Lindell bailed him out of jail.

Rittenhouse’s aquittal only proves what many of us already know; that right wing extremists use their privilege and position to influence significant outcomes. All political affiliations are guilty of doing so, but in what other first world nation could a chubby right wing incel deliberately travel to another state with an automatic rifle for the sole purpose of confronting, shooting and killing social justice protestors, then get bailed out of jail by vocal Trump supporter Mike Lindell, celebrate the same night wearing a “free as fuck” t-shirt, then get acquitted of all charges mostly due to the rulings of a judge blatantly biased in your favor, while the fucking prosecution seemed completely inept? All while becoming a cultural right wing hero. Only in America it would seem.

The mouth breathing douchebag hunting protestors

People used to generally understand not to start a confrontation if you couldn’t back it up with strong character. Right wing extremists changed all of that. Too many chickenshits (including gangbangers) start confrontations that they don’t have the character to handle and are none of their business, so they end it with a gun that they carry for just such occasions.

Like the Trayvon Martin travesty, it’s yet another outrageous verdict that propagates racism and blames the victims. It’s not just officials condoning violence against social justice protestors; it appears to be very much a coordinated totalitarian strategy to espouse white privilege and eliminate protest against the oligarchy altogether.

The Freak Show Continues if Democrats Don’t Prioritize All of Us

Things didn’t turn out so badly November 2nd in Colorado. We soundly defeated the 3 conservative-leaning amendments on the ballot. Elsewhere, the hand-wringing and dire predictions began even before the election upsets. Voters readily demonstrated their erratic short term memories and elected republican leadership in some off year key races, including the much ballyhooed Virginia governorship. I completely avoid Fox news but I’m guessing they’re probably promoting it as some sort of mandate for Trump.

Democrats really have nobody to blame but themselves. I’m not talking about the shortsightedness of American imbeciles who think President Biden is already doing a shitty job because they don’t understand the absolute magnitude of the mess that needs to be cleaned up after Trump’s four putrid years.

I’m talking about democrats like Nancy Pelosi who immediately after being sworn in in January, made it her priority to officially strike familial terms like mother, daughter, father, son, etc, from official government documentation. It doesn’t mean that the words are now illegal; it means that they no longer recognize terms for family relationships in an official capacity because it might offend transgender people.

That’s how out of touch they are. Their priority is to represent the half of one percent of the population in the United States who identifies as transgender, while disregarding the majority 99.4 %. Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and their ilk consider themselves progressive, but prioritizing special agendas while disregarding the rest of us seems a lot like fascism.

The loss of the Virginia governorship is partly due to democrats disregarding parents who want to control the content of their children’s education. In this case, it’s about the recent conservative trend to eliminate real historic references to atrocities committed by white people and pretend it never happened. If parents are allowed to whitewash history; where does it end? Will we start teaching that the earth is flat and/or making the bible required reference material? The wishes of a vocal fringe should never outweigh a realistic majority.

This also applies to progressively-conceived “bathroom bills”, where any male who identifies as transgender can legally access girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms in schools and all public spaces. Of course mostly male politicians, pundits and political cartoonists are quick to dismissively mansplain our safety concerns. In fact, the concerns for the safety of girls and women in safe spaces being invaded by men “identifying” as transgender are both valid and shared by all aspects of the political spectrum.

The transgender agenda would have us believe that they are a fragile and endangered minority. In actuality, they are a fringe minority that wields more political power than any majority, enabling them to dictate their agenda around the world. You will get arrested for a hate crime in many countries including Canada for verbally “misgendering” someone. As long as democrats prioritize the interests of half of one percent of the population while ignoring the chaotic reality of the rest of the nation; they will guarantee continued victories for Trump and his parade of lunatics.