Green Lawns and Swimming Pools

If you don’t live in the Western United States, you probably haven’t kept informed about the ever-worsening drought conditions. We are experiencing the worst drought in modern history . Living in the foothill plains of Colorado, I can personally attest to the Dust Bowl conditions that drive people indoors every time the wind is more than a stiff breeze. On those days, it’s even difficult to breathe.

So you’ll excuse me if I have zero sympathy for the shortage of chlorine affecting suburban-dwelling swimming pool owners. In fact, to the informed observer, you dear suburb dweller, are a menace to the environment in general. Ever given any thought to all of the water absolutely wasted on your green lawns and swimming pools, and the noxious chemicals poisoning the environment just to maintain them?

What good is a green lawn and personal swimming pools anyway? They’re nothing more than useless symbols of the status quo. Don’t get me wrong, suburban dwellers aren’t solely responsible for our droughts. All humans are to blame for our worsening climate and for the irrigation of crops and animals to feed our already overpopulated world. The absolute least we could do is to stop personally contributing to it.

The Reality of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria: A Personal essay

Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) is a controversial concept introduced into the discussion around transgenderism by Lisa Littman in a 2018 study. This phenomenon has been observed among teenagers, generally but not always female, who announce that they are transgender without any history of discomfort with their biological sex. This is often connected to use […]

The Reality of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria: A Personal essay